Death Grips A No Show at Lollapalooza

Though they were scheduled for a headline appearance, Death Grips failed to show up.. ...

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For new awards and new statue "Moonman"

For the new award MTV VMA awards in 2013 to monitor profiles on social networks through which ...

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25 Most Expensive Things In The Worl

The limits do not exist, and when they have a human body and the people they are trying again exceeded.

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Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj Work Together on "Love More"

Hip-hop stars Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj have teamed up to shoot the song "Love More" together in a new music video.

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Note made ​​of humming The ScoreCleaner..

Program for recording music based on melody that we sing (The ScoreCleaner Notes) ...

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Tips on How to Nurture Music Talent in Kids

Not every kid is destined to become the next American music idol. ...

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