Cohen: Every Word He Sang Was Hallelujah!

It is funny how you would find Cohen in the journey of every musical enthusiast ...

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Branimir Johnny Štulić releas a new song

After long years of absence Johnija in Croatia a total of 25 years, Štulić has re-recorded a new music ...

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PSY - see "Gentleman" Live

Korean tail musician released a new music single called "Gentleman". With a new musical titled Gentleman Psy..

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Jay Z

Jay Z Unveils New Video For Picasso Baby

He is now one of the wealthiest music producers in the world, and he operates several different labels under his name.

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3 Popular Music Artists of All Time worth Remembering

As human beings, we love music for different reasons. ...

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PJ Harvey Raises Political Awareness With Shaker Aamer Release

Noted performer PJ Harvey has decided to wade into the political debate surrounding.. ...

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